What are Wear Resistant Floors?

When evaluating flooring materials, wear resistance refers to the life of the floor. How will it hold up under foot and mechanical traffic? Will continuous use of the surface cause scuff and scratch marks? Some surfaces hold up better than others. Wear-resistant floors are specially formulated to stand up to harsh conditions and heavy traffic. They also stand up to dirt, grime and routine cleanings. Stonhard floors are tested to meet standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials. (ASTM D-4060, CS-17 http://www.astm.org/Standards/D4060.htm)

Benefits of Wear-Resistant Floors

Many environments benefit from wear-resistant floors, especially those with heavy foot and equipment traffic.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Keeping floors attractive for many years without having to repair or replace
  • Saving time and money due to the replacement or repair of a worn floor

Recommended Industries

All industries can benefit from wear-resistant floors, though some industries are more susceptible to rapid wear.

Recommended industries include:

Recommended Products

Choose Stonhard’s epoxy, urethane and MMA hardwearing flooring systems to get cost-effective, reliable, easy-to-maintain floors with year-after-year performance. Our floors are tested using methods by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Our team of Territory Managers will assist you in finding the best wear resistant floor for your environment.

Recommended products include:


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